1/32 Farm Models

Many years ago, I started out with the idea to make a model of every tractor and machine we ever had on the farm. At that time there were very few ready made models on the market except for a few specialist builders so most had to be scratch built or heavily modified from a 'Britains' model or similar. However I got 'the bug' and bgan to make all sorts of machines that I had never personally owned with the result I have several hundred items. many machines are still not available commercially so building/modifying continues.

A few of the more modern machines are those I have, or have owned.

Model workshop

The majority are the excellent Scaledown kits made by Nigel Ford, in white metal, but assembled, modified and painted by myself. The remainder are Britains, Siku or Universal Hobbies models modified to make the tractor I want. Sometimes it can take up to three 'donor' models for parts. A majority of the implements and combines are scratch built. I also have a few limited editions by builders such as G & M Originals, Christian Gouel, Dave Purdue, Cenfyn Davies and Brian Norman.

JCB 526 Parts

The majority of work is done using plastic sheet of 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 & 1.5mm. thickness. Several pre-formed 'Plastruct' profiles such as tube, box or bars are used. Brass is used more and more both for strength and rigidity, and my soldering is improving. Metal and plastic 'odds & ends' are regularly used too, such as ball point pen bodies for tubes. I find it essential to visit, measure and photograph the real machine before starting as many details can be forgotten and overlooked.

A model of Letham Shank steading as it was in the mid 1950s is also under construction but it is taking up more time and space than imagined at the outset.

Please note, these are not for sale.

Painted parts for Ford 655D ready for assembly. NH 8070 header under construction. Dry run of NH 8070 parts. MF 10 baler under construction. Closeup of PTO shaft for baler.
Painted parts of Ford 655. New Holland 8070 header. New Holland 8070 parts. Massey Ferguson 10 baler. PTO shaft for MF10 baler.
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