Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by nature and my father, who grew up on the farm and had a degree in Biology, was a very good teacher. I think he felt connected to the land as most work in his youth was done by horses, the horseman was in close contact with all forms of wildlife daily. When ploughing or cultivating any Skylark or Lapwing nests were carefuly moved so as not to disturb the birds. Small losses were accepted at harvest and one of the favourite sayings was "leave some for the birds".

I still get immense pleasure watching nature go on it's way but also from creating habitats for local species. This has started here with the construction of a pond and initial tree planting; Silver Birch, Rowan, Common Alder, English Oak, Hazel, Field Maple and Sycamore. More, of different species, will be planted in spring 2021.

There are two bird feeding stations where peanuts, sunflower seeds and hearts, mixed small seeds, wheat and fat balls are supplied daily. Both are busy all year round and there is always spillage whih ground feeders tidy up.

Pine Martens visit daily and are supplied with peanuts, sunflower hearts, mice and eggs. A camera was temporarily put in place to observe their habits but still has not been made permanent.