Kestrel Nest Videos - Dancing

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The male attempts to lure the female into the nestbox.

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This 'nestbox' was made from half of an old copper hot water cylinder and fixed up in the ridge of an open hayshed about 50 years ago. It is at a height of about seven metres and faces west, but is sheltered from direct sun and wind. Initially pigeons nested in and on it but after a few years, the intended inhabitants, Barn Owls, arrived. Many broods were raised over a long period of years until 2012, when Kestrels took over and raised a brood of five. Hoping they would return in 2014 an IP camera was fitted to view the nest and the four chicks. In 2015, the video stream was uploaded to the website and over 800 visitors watched the five chicks hatch and grow. The camera should have been closer to the nest perhaps, but I did not want the birds to be nervous of anything if they did arrive back. For 2016, the camera was moved closer to the nest and the sheeting behind the nest was painted black to reduce backlighting. The Barn Owls moved to another nestbox, in case anyone is concerned. Please note that this is a poorly lit location in the roof of a shed and it is only the sophistication of the camera electronics that create a usable image.  

Kestrel leaving the nest box
Kestrel leaving the nest box
Kestrels changing over incubation.
Kestrel camera and nest box

A few stills from the camera, whilst the birds were incubating eggs and the camera and nestbox.